About The Hale Barns Therapy Centre

On the site of an old schoolhouse built circa 1740 AD by the Unitarian priest of Hale, The Hale Barns Therapy Centre has developed an exciting physiotherapy and complementary therapy clinic.

The Centre is run by Chartered Physiotherapists, Anne Blick and Cathy Davis, who have worked together and established themselves in a traditional but forward thinking practice with a loyal client base.

The Centre was originally opened with physiotherapy as the core discipline; however it soon became clear that catering for patients' needs under one roof would ensure a more revitalising experience.

Other therapies were subsequently introduced, such as acupuncture, sports massage, osteopathy, nutritional therapy, chiropody, counselling and more recently an excellent hypnotherapy service.

Anne and Cathy work closely with their team of fully qualified therapists to restore and where possible, expand the physical function of their patients as quickly as possible. They take pride in their service, providing treatment tailored to individual needs, whether that is returning athletes to competitive sport or enabling patients to be more mobile around their home.

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Opening Hours

Monday - 8am - 8pm

Tuesday - 8am - 6pm

Wednesday - 8am - 5pm

Thursday - 8am - 8pm

Friday - 8am - 5pm

Saturday - 8am - 3pm

Sunday - Closed